​​​   *Swedish Massage* 60 min. $80      90 min. $110

                                        Light to medium pressure for relaxation and circulation.

​                                                                                *Sports Massage*  60 min. $90       90 min. $120
                                       Medium to firm pressure to release muscle tension.

                            *Deep Tissue Massage* 60 min. $100   90 min. $130

                                        Slow muscle work focusing on deeply rooted tension .

                            *Pregnancy or Pre-natal*   60 minute $100                                                           
Assists in awareness of the body and help increase circulation,                                           relieve joint and back pain, align spine hips and shoulders.

                          *Hot Stone Massage*  60 min. $100    90 min. $130
                                     Swedish style massage using heated stones and aromatherapy.

​                                 *Customized Massage*  60 min. $105    90 min. $130

                                   Created for your specific needs including a blend of  techniques.                   

                         *Thai Massage*          60 min. $105   90 min. $130
                                    A  fluid blend of gentle rocking, acupressure,
and assisted 

​                                                stretching that helps revitalize the body and mind.     

​​​​​Massage Therapy Services

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Specialized Modalities

​​​​​*Reflexology---30 minutes $45
Deep and soothing foot massage using acupressure techniques.

*Ear Candling---30 minutes $45
A perfect solution for chronic ear aches and sinus problems. A specialized cylinder is gently placed into the ear to draw out dirt and irritants in the ear canal and alleviate sinus pressure.